Twitter, cults, jungle juice, bot boyfriends, floppy disks, Ask Jeeves and life coaches
The teenage filter, work phones, chatbot linguistics, scanners, shock sites and AI therapists
"Unsettling" chatbots, Google reviews, Buy Nothing, password-sharing and IMDb super-use
Bing AI, TikTok tics, Canadian content, Enyacore, catfishing and The Decemberists
Twitter-killers, tradwives, deranged YouTube squads, tech metaphors, MAGA trolls and Bitcoin bars
ChatGPT, Grandma content, Amazon junk, tinned fish, freed nipples and real-life Wikipedia
Mastodon, Buzzfeed, Taylor Swift, cooking blogs, socialites and "pronatalists"
The cheats of Duolingo, the kingpin of the dark web, LinkedInfluencers, Twitter exiles and alt tech
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