This week: Cursed Olympics, New Gawker, the "good" internet, fake quotes, chicken nuggets and chatting with the dead
This week: deepfaked voices, cake collabs, the Instagram Skymall, perpetual puppies and TikTok musicals
This week: main character energy, scammy influencers, link rot, question marks and QR codes 
This week: Amazon, Atari, audiobooks, Taylor Swift cats and disgraced pranksters
This week: techspeak, Telegram, tarot cards, The Devil Wears Prada, 24 hours in Waffle House and unintended consequences
This week: strippers, scammers, Secret Santas, remote work, girlbosses, kitchen witches and stoned lobsters
This week: beekeeper buzz, drinking problems, million-dollar delis, prosocial botnets and smart cities
This week: Links returns! Also: robots, Instagram giveaways, challah, pandemic puppies and anxious influencers 
Links is going on a brief hiatus.
Instagram brands, mommy blogs, fake cats, red pills, "demonic Chihuahua hellscapes” and overnight millionaires
An interview on the pressures of home cooking, before and during the pandemic, with the sociologist Joslyn Brenton 
Venmo flexes, pyramid schemes, "the miscarriage problem," pasta content, Wikifeet and TikTok's boomer stars