Femcels, funeral apps, metaverse bouncers, YouTube brain, "aspirational grief" and the return of the hipster grifter
Robots, namecore, internet shutdowns, autocorrect, Reddit cults and Googling abortion
Sad dads, Insta cults, crypto dating shows, #vanlife, Taco Bell and unburst bubbles
Monks, nip nops, cyberpunk carnivals, metaverse Coke and crisis actors
Tiny homes, common sense, crypto catfishing, loneliness, designer dogs and an internet mystery
Unfiltered feeds, microdosing, millennial aesthetics, the fall of the flag emoji and teen technopanics
The strange, sad fate of LiveJournal, vibe shifts and hoarders, BookTok, cross-stitch and the first metaverse
Google Translate, sanction bingo, Humans of New York, houseplants, snake oil and war tourism
Ukraine memes, TikTok twitches, Ben McKenzie, romance scams, social clubs and "I'm Feeling Lucky"
A very special guest edition by @DepthsofWikipedia
Vibe shifts, Bitcoin bumblers, fake song lyrics, quint Axels, high-fives and #RamRanchResistance
Virtual embassies, viral rip-offs, money-as-personality, TED talks, dick scenes and gazpacho police